Daphna Shull

        Seventeen-year old Rebecca doesn't know what a loving family feels like. Her mother died in a terrible car accident  and her angry, workaholic father belittles her everyday. The only comfort Rebecca knows runs through her fingertips as she plays the piano and composes music privately. But now even this sanctuary isn’t safe as Hunter, a professional violinist, arrogantly pushes Rebecca to play her work publicly. As the fight for her music ignites, so too does a prideful fire deep within Rebecca. One that has remained stifled for far too long.

       Precocious, ten-year old Emily knows that people hide their pain. Especially her new friend, Bernie, who’s retirement community becomes a regular field trip for her 4th grade class. As the kids and residents bond, Emily encourages Bernie to follow his dream of learning magic, unlocking a spellbinding secret that unites both Rebecca and Emily’s stories and tests the limits of forgiveness.

Creative Portfolio

Video Reel

In order of appearance:

Shabbat Shalom, Qi Shi-Da

Short Film

Mary Kay Promotional Video

Florida State Ad Club

B-Side Mix Tape

Short Film

Property of The Walt Disney Studios

Where Do We Go?

Oil on canvas


Mixed Media 
Soul Searcher 
Zine, Handmade
Inspired by Emma Gonzalez
of Parkland High School

Soul Searcher is unlike any other self-help book. Each page represents a theme -- deep love, heartbreak, friendship, gratitude, self-confidence, purpose -- without telling you how you should feel about them. The words are purely cathartic, exposing human connections that we need but forget to make rituals of in our superficially driven society.

Keep this pocket sized book on you like a guide. Pull it out when you need understanding and empathy. Add in your own thoughts to keep you grounded and intentional, to pay it forward for others who feel the same way you do.

Bullshit Magnets


Mixed Media 

History drips drips drips

mistakes of repetition 

shots that stir the world

now daily acts of ammunition 

Who am I not to die if today that is my fate?

for fingerprints etched from God

pull triggers made of hate


49 shoes

dancing colored walks of life 

left painted one shade only

that of ignorance and strife


Deep, hollowed humanity 

bellow your despair!

quake the earth, resounding birth

DEMAND we are aware


Oh, in this bear hour

throbbing; unrequited 

a pulse passed hand to hand

must beat profoundly undivided 


Soothe the sentient fingerprints grazing tips of life 

for that is you, and her, and him

and everything we fight


Arms are dropped, my love 

waiting here for you

Put your heart with mine 

and we will see this through

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