Daphna Shull 

Daphna Shull grew up the youngest child of three in “the lightning capital of the world,” Tampa, Florida. As a kid, Daphna dreamed of athletic success as a shooting guard in the WNBA. At thirteen, she realized her newly gifted, snail like speed would not draw in a rush of recruiters. Sports taught her self-worth, disappointment taught her that life has other plans in store. 


When she hit high-school, her deep connection to movies led her to pursue filmmaking and this love of the arts continued into college. At Florida State University, Daphna studied Media Production, directed short films, wrote The Quiet Things, and graduated with the determination to find her place as a writer. 


Daphna (24, charismatic, gregarious, resolute) currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Sophie. This past year she self-published a book, Soul Searcher: Subtext for Generation (Wh)Y and is in the process of writing a children’s book. Samples of two of her screenplays can be found on the “Screenplay” page and her book can be purchased in the "Shop" section of this website.

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